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Do Moissanites Get Cloudy???

If you’ve been considering getting a Moissanite Engagement Ring or Moissanite Jewellery, you’ve probably wondered if they go cloudy, change colour or if they scratch and how they hold up against everyday wear.

Moissanite is an extremely durable stone, in fact in terms of gemstones it’s number two on the moh’s scale right behind Diamonds. It fairs just as well under pressure and strength being just as scratch resistant as a Diamond and it deals with heat even better than a Diamond. The great thing about Moissanites especially the well produced stones in comparison to Diamonds is the fact that they are manufactured usually to have a high grade clarity. This means they have less inclusions than the natural Diamond of the Clarity grades in the SI or lower. Depending on the inclusion the Diamond can be susceptible to cracks or breaks if hit at certain angles or if they are set under pressure. Moissanites on the other hand being produced to have better clarity grades and therefore less inclusions are somewhat stronger and less likely to crack or break under pressure. Having said that we would not recommend opening cans or jars with them, they are not entirely indestructible and in fact you would be more likely to damage the gold or platinum it might be set in. So as a general rule take off your Jewellery when doing anything that may knock it around.

So do Moissanites change colour or become cloudy over time? Due to the fact that they are incredibly strong and durable the only change you will ever see to a Moissanite is on its surface and this is usually due to it not being maintained or cleaned properly.

Unlike CZ stones or cubic zirconia’s Moissanites don’t change colour over time and they don’t suddenly become cloudy. As these issues usually occur within the stone and especially in Diamonds are already apparent when they are formed, it doesn’t develop over time.

The only thing that can effect the look of your Moissanite is oils and dirt that can build up on the surface. Often this can block light from shining through the stone making them look cloudy. Depending on the setting the item may need an intensive clean to get into all the nooks and crannies to remove anything that may effect the appearance. Luckily this is an easy fix and once done your Moissanite should return to its usual sparkle.

We get asked constantly… What is the best way to clean my Jewellery? Its super simple. We recommend, believe it of not a whitening toothpaste and some warm water. You can even mix the toothpaste, dishwashing liquid and baking soda in a bowl. Take a soft toothbrush and clean your Jewellery by smothering it in toothpaste then cleaning it in the bowl. Rinse it off and we promise you sparkle and shine!

While lots of Jewellers recommend ultra sonic cleaners we do not.

An ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasound waves and chemicals. The high-frequency waves, usually from 20-400 kHz produce bubbles. The bubbles are sent to pull the unwanted particles off your jewellery. These bubbles cling to particles and then agitate the liquid, producing high forces which then remove any unwanted substrates from the jewellery. The ultrasonic cleaner focuses on the parts of your jewellery that are otherwise unreachable when coming to cleaning manually.

These machines are great to clean sturdy strong items but we don’t like to use them for Jewellery which have multiple stones set, especially small pave set stones. We have unfortunately seen too many items where the stones have come loose or popped out while in these cleaners and we hate to take the risk.

To save you from constantly cleaning your Jewellery, try to take your items off when using creams, lotions and sprays as these are the fastest way to take the light and sparkle away from your Moissnaite.

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