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Reminder of fraud prevention

Dear mwring jewelry customers,

MW jewelry online store has been open for ten years. MW has always been committed to creating high-end jewelry, so that everyone can have their favorite diamonds and buy better jewelry at a preferential price
Thank you for your recognition of MW brand all the time. MW jewelry will adhere to the method of pure manual production and provide exquisite jewelry for our customers

Recently, we received feedback from some customers. Some lawless people imitated the service email of MW jewelry and contacted customers to request private transfer transactions with PayPal account on the grounds of providing customized jewelry.However, after the customer completes the transfer transaction, these swindlers can no longer be contacted

Here, MW jewelry solemnly declares that all online store sales of MW jewelry will only be traded on the only designated website of MW jewelry (, and will never propose to generate transactions by private direct transfer with PayPal account or credit card account.

All acts that borrow the name of MW jewelry and do not go through the shopping cart on the website, and propose private transfer transactions with PayPal account or credit card account are false deception We will resolutely pursue such violations in accordance with the law.

At the same time, customers of MW jewelry are also invited to carefully identify and contact us in time if any false infringement is found Jewelry will always protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers
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