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MW is a professional moissanite jewelry brand with excellent corporate culture. MW Moissanite is not diamond imitator. In other words, moissanite is a stone in its own right that just happens to look like diamonds. A high quality, well set piece of MW moissanite jewelry is as classy and sophisticated as any other gemstone.

Reasonable Budget, Luxury Enjoyment

In MW™, we make it possible to have top-exquisite jewelry. You can choose jewelry according to your preferences, handcrafted by master artisan without paying a heavy price. Immediately Join MW™.

MW Moissanite Ring
Pure Manually Customize


MW™ has the same eye-catching visual appeal as any natural diamond on the market and can own one without much money. The price of regular diamonds usually costs thousands of dollars, but now it only needs 10%. MW™ saves this cost for you, without compromising the fact that you have a high-quality diamond.

MW™ is an ideal jewelry brand for those who choose to live according to their own conditions without following the status quo.

Environmentally Friendly, No Conflict

There has been a lot of talk about blood diamonds and the environmental impacts of diamond mining.

The diamond mining industry is fraught with controversial issues of exploitation, low-wages, dangerous working conditions, funding wars, unfair labor practices and so on. In addition to this, mined diamonds cause huge environmental devastation due to mining methods, destroying eco-systems and impacting sustainability. While much effort is now being taken to combat these issues, there’s still a long way to go. Often tracing a diamond back to its original source can be very difficult.

Contrary to this, moissanites are eco-friendly and a sustainable choice, as they are produced in labs. You can easily trace them back to their source of origin.

MW™ is an environmentally friendly jewelry brand, because there has never been a mining activity to destroy the earth to prepare these amazing and bright gemstones! MW™ means taking control of your life, regardless of social conditions.

MW™ gemstones are responsible choices for environmentally conscious consumers. Those eager to make socially responsible buying decisions don't have to worry about conflict diamonds anymore.

MW Exclusive Service

One stone three certificates

MW Moissanite is provided with professional jewelry organization identification certificate. Above 0.5ct is provided with GRA International Certificate, American Moissanite Certificate and Product Quality Certificate. MW CVD Diamond provides a Product Quality Certificate.

Since the hardness of Moissanite is almost the same as diamond, it can pass the test of diamond and has international jewelry certificates. MW CVD Diamond, slightly lower hardness, can not pass the diamond test, only provide a product quality certificate.

Whole course insurance

For products purchased in MW, the delivery order will be insured throughout the whole process, and the express company will bear all the costs. Avoid the risk of customers buying expensive goods.

Lifetime service

You can enjoy life-long free cleaning, repair, renovation, maintenance and other after-sales services, so that your diamond can release the ultimate beauty at any time.

We provide high-standard quality certification for all products, we will conduct strict quality inspections before the jewelry leaves the factory, package packaging, and airport customs declaration.

However, since the hardness of sterling silver is lower than the K-gold, the inlay force of small stones is inadequate, they may fall off due to improper wearing or impact. If that happens, please contact us, we will reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with a solution.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping worldwide and full purchase insurance for all products. You don't have to pay any freight and insurance.

Looking forward to you join us!!!

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