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Selecting The Size Of Your Moissanite

Selecting the Size of Your Moissanite

Moissanites have easily become one the most popular diamond alternatives to date. Their white appearance, amazing brilliance, and reasonable price point makes them a winner. There are a few ways of selecting the size of your moissanite and we will help you breakdown which direction is right for you. 

When it comes to moissanite the prices per carat are drastically lower than the price per carat of a diamond. For example if a 2 carat moissanite is $500 a 2 carat diamond could easily be $20,000. This makes it important when picking the size of your moissanite since budget becomes a lot less of an issue and you have many more options. You can essentially pay a relatively small amount to increase the look in carat weight of your moissaite. Let's discuss HOW to pick the moissanite size that is right for YOU!

Pick something realistic

Many try to pass of their moissanite as an actual diamond. We do find that many people will like their rings to look as "realstic" as possible- whatever that means to you! If this is you then we recommend not going too big when it comes to the size of your moissanite. A very large moissanite will attract more attention. If this is you then we would recommend making 3 carats the biggest you would go when it comes to a moissanite. We think this is a really great way to save money and still have a gorgeous eye catching ring!

Or...don't pick something realistic

If a subtle ring is not for you then now is the time to do it up! If you just want to go as big as possible then do it! While very few people are dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on 5, 6, 7 carat natural diamonds you can easily obtain a large moissanite to really satisfy your need for a beautiful big stone! A large moissanite ring is the perfect statement piece and is sure to be attention grabbing. Set your large moissanite in one of custom designs and you are all set.

Take Your Hand into Consideration

It is important to take your hand and finger size into consideration when selecting the size of your moissanite. If you have larger fingers now is your chance to get a bigger center stone without breaking the bank. If you have smaller hands you may not want that big of a center since it will look too overpowering. Again there really are no right or wrong answers so do what  feels right to you and you think looks the best!

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