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Will Moissanite Lose Its Sparkle?

Regarding the Moissanite, many people will definitely wonder if it will not flash after wearing it for a long time, and whether it will remain shiny forever like a diamond. Next, this passage will start a statement from the perspective of ingredients and cutting.

First of all, we understand the principle of the sparkle of diamonds and moissanite. Diamond and Moissanite do not emit light by themselves, but they have strong light absorption. When they are cut manually, the light from the outside can be concentrated and reflected by one surface. This is a physical principle of light and reflection, light Shaking is to continuously change the route of light entering the diamond, which also changes the route of the diamond reflecting light, so it can have a sparkling effect.

Among them, the cut is very important for diamonds and moissanite. First, the cut is evaluated by three aspects: polishing, symmetry, and cutting. Only when the proportions of these three aspects are perfect, can the best cut be reflected. work. The cutting ratio of diamond and moissanite, especially the pavilion depth ratio and table width ratio of the diamond, determines the intensity of the light reflected and refracted by the diamond jewelry, thereby determining the fire color of the diamond and moissanite rings.

If the cutting is too shallow, the light escapes from the bottom and the brightness of the diamond and moissanite is impaired. If it is too deep, the light will easily escape from the pavilion. Therefore, the brightness of the diamond and moissanite is damaged, loses its luster and becomes dim. And reduce the fire of the diamond! The polished grade describes the smoothness of the diamond surface, and the symmetry grade refers to the arrangement of the diamond and moissanite facets. Poor polishing quality directly affects the optical effects of diamonds and moissanite. On the uneven surface, the light is diffusely reflected, which makes the surface of the diamond and moissanite cut surface dull and colorless, and emits turbid or dim light. The deviation of symmetry makes the incident light or the diamond and the moissanite’s existing light does not follow the designed path. Therefore, a good diamond and moissanite must have a good cut to perfectly show their brilliance.

Everyone knows the famous saying of diamonds, “Diamonds last forever, and a diamond will pass on forever.” This actually refers to the fact that diamonds can remain shiny forever. In the final analysis, it is due to its stable chemical properties, which causes him to hardly take the initiative to undergo chemical changes. The carbon atom guarantees the stable structure of the diamond. Let’s talk about the moissanite. The composition of moissanite is SIC, which is silicon carbide. Silicon carbide and silicon carbide are atomic crystals. All of them are covalent bond energy and stability. Therefore, it is also not prone to chemical changes, causing the stone to “yellow”, “fuzzy” and “fading”.However, both Moissanite and diamonds are lipophilic. When it is found that the gloss is not as good as before, regular maintenance is required. It is recommended to maintain and clean every 3-6 months. Regular maintenance can make the surface of the jewelry free of stains and lasting for a long time.

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