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The Meaning of Moissanite

The Meaning of Moissanite

People have long since attached special meanings to gemstones. From tribal status symbols to magical healing properties, your favorite gemstone certainly has something that someone considers very special about it. So, what meanings does this white gemstone have?

What is Moissanite?

For those who don’t know, moissanite is a very rare mineral made from silicon carbide. It has many uses, particularly because it is one of the hardest gemstones that exist, which makes it very useful for industrial purposes of all kinds. Its strength, as well as its colorless brilliance, also makes it one beautiful stone for jewelry, especially moissanite engagement rings.

Emotional Meaning

In fact, it can be used interchangeably as April’s birthstone, which happens to be diamond. So, if you wish to help someone celebrate their April birthday, you could buy them one of the many beautiful moissanite rings available.

People also often attribute love and romance to this gemstone. Because it is one of the strongest gemstones available, people say that it can represent a strong, unbreakable love between you and your significant other. And, as luck would have it, many retailers and jewelers have a selection of moissanite engagement rings.

Wellness Meaning

Another trait this gemstone has in common with other gems is that many people place certain health and wellness properties to it.

Among some of the properties include strong and/or extended health (again, because of the strength of the stone itself). Moreover, cleansing and clarity of one’s spirit, mind, and body. Thus absolving you of agitation and suspicion, and just centering yourself in general.

Spiritual Significance

The spiritual significance is a rather unique one. The first moissanite was found in rock samples taken from a crater caused by a meteor. Since this made the stone basically a treasure from space, many people believe that it creates a stronger connection to the universe.

And who says that they’re not right? It is also believed to be capable of reconnecting you with your “inner child,” which is something that many people might love.

The True Meaning of Moissanite

Ultimately, moissanite is no different than any other gemstone in regard to its meaning. The significance of moissanite likely varies from person to person, from region to region, and that’s okay! As with all things, you may find more pleasure and sentiment in placing meaning on moissanite stones yourself. However, if you do need some inspiration, this article might give you some ideas as to what moissanite might mean to you. For price points, preview our catalog.

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