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The Appeal of Pear-shaped Diamond

Pear-shaped diamonds were not always the most popular girl at the prom (wouldn’t you know the princess was the cut to take the spotlight). However, in recent years, these unconventionally-cut stones have become more and more popular as the “traditional” cuts have filtered out of vogue (although let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with a round-cut solitaire). Whether this is due to the fact that modern women want to defy the hemmed-in expectations of yesteryear and celebrate their individuality or simply because the selection has expanded to make pear-shaped stones more readily available, the diamond that looks like a lonely teardrop may soon make its way to your jewelry box.

However, there are more reasons to invest in this two-sided stone than simply fashion, although on its own it does make for a stunning statement piece. One of the many appeals of the pear, however, lies in its signature shape and the optical illusion it can provide. There seems to be some debate as to the proper way to wear a pear, but when displayed in a ring, it can make a woman’s finger look longer and slimmer (making it a must-have for at least one week out of every month…oh, water-weight, why dost thou persist?). Whether you wear it point up or point down is entirely up to you. It can have a similar effect when worn as a pendant (effectively extending your neckline when the point is aimed at your chin).

Another benefit falls on the color scale. While other cuts generally evoke a preference for colorless or nearly colorless appearance, a warmer tone in the G to H range tends to be the trend for the pear-shaped stone. So you might actually get a better deal over competitors like the marquis or the round cut. However, all MW products are D-grade colorless. Further, it may actually be preferable to get a smaller stone (around 1 carat). This is because the cut is prone to suffer from a “bowtie” effect by which a dark area in the shape of a man’s bowtie is present at the widest part of the stone. This is more obvious in larger stones, while it may be barely noticeable in those that are 1-carat or smaller. Of course, for many, this is a hallmark of the cut, so you may actually prefer to go larger in order to show it off. But whatever size and color your choose, the cut is what makes the pear so appealing

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