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Reasons to buy moissanite

1.) Moissanite is not an imitation diamond

It's also called carborundum. It's a natural element mineral. It's the second hardness gem in the world

2.)  More brilliant than diamonds

When tested with professional instruments, the fire color of moissanite is 2.5 times that of diamond

3.)  color and luster

Moissanite is a new type of synthetic gem, not a diamond. It does not follow the standard of diamond GIA color grading. The color grade of moissanite is similar to that of the diamond, D color is ultra white and colorless, G color is excellent white and nearly colorless

4.)  Identification of moissanite

The hardness of the diamond is about 10 and that of moissanite is about 9.25. Only for the diamond, it can pass the diamond detection pen, while other gemstones, such as zircon, can't pass the diamond detection pen. Each moissanite has its unique waist code, and it is certified by the international famous professional appraisal organization and the global gemstone Research Association (GRA).

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  • I bought a necklace and ring from you, and it’s beautiful. My question is, is it ok to wear while showering and doing dishes daily?

    Debra Hibbs

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