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Moissanite VS Diamond VS MW CVD Diamonds

When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds are most people’s first choice but they come with a steep price tag and are beyond the reach most of us. The best way to have the diamond look without the cost is to opt for a diamond simulant.

MW product is pure manually customized, committed to making everyone own their own high-end jewelry.

You might be wondering:

What is MW Moissanite? And what is MW CVD Diamonds?

MW Moissanite

Natural moissanite was first discovered by Henri Moissan (hence moissanite) in 1893 in Arizona. It is believed that the crystals had been brought to earth on a meteor that crashed into the site several thousands of years ago. As a result, moissanite is sometimes called stardust or space diamond.

Diamonds are the hardest gemstone with a perfect ranking of 10 on the Mohs scale. But moissanite comes pretty close. It is the second hardest gemstone used in jewelry after diamonds ranking at 9.25.

Moissanite is perfect for engagement rings, which need to be hard-wearing and scratch resistant due to the excessive exposure they receive every day. Moissanites are more heat resistant than even diamonds, meaning that even if they were in a fire, they would still retain their sparkle and form.

Moissanite has a Refractive Index (RI) of 2.65 whereas diamond’s RI is lower at 2.42. Moissanite has an extremely high level of brilliance and excellent light performance. This is one reason it is a favorite in engagement rings as it has much higher brilliance and fire than a diamond.

The hardness of diamond is about 10 and that of moissanite is about 9.25. Only for the diamond and moissanite, it can pass the diamond detection pen. Each moissanite has its unique waist code, and it is certified by the international famous professional appraisal organization and the global gemstone Research Association (GRA).

Compared to diamonds, both moissanite and MW CVD Diamonds are much more affordable. However, moissanite is often a bit more expensive than MW CVD Diamonds.

This often surprises shoppers who tend to think of moissanite as a ‘fake’ diamond. It’s important to remember that moissanite is a stone in its own right and requires state-of-the-art technology, expertise and a high cost to synthesize it. It only costs about 10% of the price of a diamond.

If you’re thinking in terms of investment, moissanite is a good choice as moissanite it has retained its value over the past decades.

MW CVD Diamonds

MW CVD Diamonds is also a hard stone. It is lab created high carbon gemstone. By absorbing the advantages of PVD technology to improve CVD synthesis technology, MW CVD Diamonds is more stable and shining. It's the diamond imitator, not cubic zircon, hardness ranking at 9.0. It has an RI 2.27 – 2.31, which is lower than moissanite. But because it contains carbon, it also has a very beautiful fire color and high brilliance. It cannot pass the diamond test. Since it can not pass the diamond test, only has product quality certificate.

The Final Verdict…

Although MW CVD Diamonds is a more affordable choice, we would have to choose moissanite as the better diamond simulant of the two, owing to its durability, brilliance and value.

In terms of prestige and class, nothing can take the place of a diamond, but moissanite comes close. Moissanite, unfortunately, will always be considered inexpensive and of little value.

When deciding between the two, lay down your budget and your priorities. And chances are no one would ever know the difference. At a glance, diamonds, moissanite and MW CVD Diamonds all look alike.

MW product is pure manually customized, committed to making everyone own their own high-end jewelry.

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