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How to Choose Matching Wedding Bands

A marriage is a union of two like-minded souls, so its stands to reason that wedding bands should match each other, just like their wearers do.  Of course, everyone is unique and this idea might not suit some couples. But, when it comes to the couples who want their rings to properly reflect their togetherness, matching wedding bands are the perfect signifiers.  

Though they might not be absolutely identical, matching wedding bands express a unique similarity that perfectly represents the couple’s compatibility.  These bands are able to express two individual personalities coming together to form a unified bond.

But, how do you go about choosing the right couple’s bands for you and your partner?  Here are some tips that you might find helpful?

What to Think about When Choosing Matching Wedding Bands?

1. Metal

Of course, yellow gold is the most traditional metal for wedding bands, and there are some stunning examples of yellow gold couples’ bands.  However, if this is not for you, there are many other shades of gold that are becoming increasingly popular for wedding bands.

White gold, for example, is very popular as it compliments a wide variety of colors, making it ideal for daily use.  A mixture of white gold and other shades of gold like rose gold or black gold is also an exciting choice for a couple looking for something slightly different.

Of course, there is always the option of moving away from gold completely.  Platinum is a beautiful choice for a couple looking for a contemporary set of rings.

2. Gems

Traditional wedding rings don’t necessarily feature gems, but modern rings are bucking this trend and boldly displaying a wide variety of gems.  It is quite common to see wedding bands featuring an assortment of gemstones, not just diamonds.

Many couples’ rings feature gems on both bands, though sometimes the feminine ring contains a few more.  That being said, some sets feature gems on only the feminine ring and still others feature no gems at all.  It all depends on your taste as a couple and as individuals.

If you are a couple that wants to show your deep connection through your matching wedding bands, choosing matching gemstones is a beautiful idea.

However, if you want to show your bond but still celebrate your individuality, you could opt for stones which complement each other.  For example, the olive green of peridot perfectly complements the deep green hues of emerald. While similar in color, these stones have individual traits which might distinctively reflect your relationship with your partner.

3. Engraving

Engraving is another way to create subtle differences in similar wedding rings.  With our complimentary engraving service, you can stamp your individual flair on two identical rings through the use of personalized words or phrases.

Alternatively, you could create unity between two different rings by engraving the same words on both rings.

In either case, you can use this feature to characterize your relationship with your partner, giving tangibility to that way that feel about each other.

4. Fit

Fit is another important aspect to consider when choosing matching wedding rings.  Give some thought to how you want the ring to feel, taking into account that wedding rings are traditionally worn daily.

The comfort fit ring, often called the ‘court shape’, is a very popular choice for wedding bands.  This is because both the inside and the outside of the ring is curved, which gives the wearer a greater sense of space.  With the comfort fit ring, it feels as if there is less metal pressing on the finger. This is especially good for people who are new to wearing rings.

Alternatively there is the standard fit, or D-Shaped wedding band.  The inside of this ring is flat, so that if it were cut in half, the cut section would resemble the letter D.  

5. Style

As is the case with metals and gems, there are many, many styles to choose from. Ranging from outright traditional to modern and trendy, matching bands offer couples of all tastes a chance to express their commitment through jewelry.  Just be sure to choose a style that works for both of you as a couple as well as individually. Marriage is about compromise, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t both be exceptionally happy with your rings.

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