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How to Choose a Setting to Match Your Lifestyle

Part of what makes jewelry design so wonderful is the fact that it is almost limitless. However, the fact that there are so many fantastic design variations available on the market means that choosing the right piece of jewelry can be a big decision.

What are the different jewelry settings?

1. Prong Setting

Using prongs that extend upwards from the shank and grip the stone, the prong setting is fantastic for ensuring that a large amount of light reaches the stone, making it sparkle.

This makes the prong setting very popular for jewelry that receives a large amount of focus, like engagement rings. And, with the added safety of the double prong setting, this type of jewelry setting can work for everyday use.

2. Pave Setting

Using a technique similar to the prong setting in which the stones are able to cover a surface continually, the pave setting is extremely attractive and gives a piece of jewelry an incredible brilliance. This alone makes this type of setting less suited to everyday use and more of a piece for special occasions.

That being said, don’t keep a prize piece of jewelry locked away. Anything as striking as a pave-set piece of jewelry should be cherished, yet displayed as regularly as possible.

3. Micro Setting

Set under a microscope using prong and pave settings, the micro setting can cover a surface with rows of tiny diamonds. Provided they are made by a jeweler renowned for skilled and precise work, pieces featuring the micro setting are considered to be safe.

However, since this setting method often uses very small stones for portions of the piece, a certain amount of care should be taken so as not to expose the piece to more stress than necessary.

4. Bezel Setting

If your job is slightly more on the physical side, or you lead an active lifestyle, the bezel setting is a great choice. The way the stone is set – using a thin strip of metal to completely encircle the stone – ensures maximum safety, meaning that you can continue doing all of the things you love without worrying about losing a precious stone.

5. Pressure Setting

Because of the way pressure settings are designed – with a stone being held in place by its surrounding stones – this type of setting is not as ideal for an active lifestyle as the bezel setting is. However, if the piece is well designed and fabricated, there is no reason that you can’t wear it with confidence in social situations.

6. Channel Setting

With the channel setting, the stones are suspended between two strips of metal. Because channel settings don’t have prongs (provided the piece of jewelry isn’t a combination of settings), they have fewer features that are able to snag on clothing or other materials. This makes them great for a variety of uses, from social events to more energetic activities.

7. Invisible Setting

Jewelry which utilizes the invisible setting is exceptionally eye-catching, and it tips its cap to vintage jewelry design. It is created by cutting grooves into the stones themselves and then sliding them into metal tracks in the piece of jewelry.

However, because the process is delicate, this setting is better suited to those who lead less active lifestyles, or who prefer not to wear their jewelry on a daily basis. While especially pleasing to the eye, invisibly-set jewelry can accumulate a fair amount of dirt if worn daily, and is less inclined to stand up to vigorous use.

8. Illusion Setting

The illusion setting makes a set stone seem more spectacular by surrounding it with a collet of brightly burnished metal. In this setting, the metal bent over the edges of the stone ensures that it is secure.

A ring using the illusion setting, for example, would be perfect for daily use. Work, lunches, shopping, and general leisure all suit the illusion setting perfectly.

High Quality Jewelry for Any Lifestyle

Whether you like to get active while wearing your jewelry or you prefer to reserve it for special occasions, purchasing quality jewelry should always be a priority. Losing a stone from a piece of jewelry can be devastating, especially if it is priceless in terms of sentimental value.

So, to be sure that you don’t suffer the heartbreak of a lost stone, take care when brandishing your jewelry and always purchase your pieces from a skilled designer and reputable seller.

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