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Carefully selected Moissanite

Our requirements for moissanite == D color, VVS
Regarding ring settings, all our rings are with high-quality settings.
Carefully selected Moissanite
We carefully select every eternal diamond for you
The internal structure, basic parameters, and appearance of Moissanite are very similar to diamonds. The beauty of diamonds stems from their unique and charming fire and hardness. The hardness of diamonds is 0.044 while Moissanite is 0.104. The fire of Moissanite in the same environment is higher than that of diamonds. Diamond is the hardest natural gemstone, with a Mohs hardness of 10. Moissanite is second only to diamonds, with a Mohs hardness of 9.25.
Having been in this industry for so many years, today we really have the opportunity to provide everyone with a worthy, economical, and shiny product. The person who named Moissanite maybe "lazy.", it is difficult to express its beauty by calling Moissanite. Eternal Diamond is its well-deserved name.
Wearing eternal diamonds will become a popular fashion.
Moissanite that can pass the diamond pen is not an imitation diamond.

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