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Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Moissanite?

You've bought some 70% alcohol wipes for a quick way to remove your moissanite rings if they become dirty.

However, you might be in confusion. If I do this several times per day, does it eventually cause damage to the metal or cause the moisture to weaken?

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean moissanite? Continue reading to discover how to clean moissanite using alcohol.

Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Moissanite?

Yes, it is. Alcohol can be a secure and efficient cleaning agent for moissanite. In fact, for the majority of precious stones like diamonds, alcohol is an ideal choice to clean. Moissanite is the second most hard known gemstone following diamond. Therefore, it is able to be treated with alcohol, without causing harm.

Opals and pearls have an organic shine, that will begin to corrode when cleaned by alcohol. To clean jewelry that has gems like pearls and opals, use a mixture of water and mild soap.

Will Alcohol Ruin My Metal Bands?

All precious metals, including genuine golds and silvers, will not be affected by alcohol. No matter the karat number or the quality insofar as it's genuine metal, alcohol is safe for use. The silver-plated and platinum-plated jewelry are also alcohol-safe, as are the most durable metals, like titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel.

The thing to look out for here is gold-plated jewelry. It is made by applying an extremely tiny layer of precious metal bonded with a metal base, such as copper or silver using chemicals or electricity. The layer could be as small as 1/1000 or 3/1000 inches.

While you are able to remove the film's dullness using ruby alcohol, due to its fragile gold and silver-plated rings, we advise using mild soapy water to clean! Make use of a soft, delicate cloth to gently cleanse the object. Following cleaning, wash it with some water, and let it dry completely.

It is not recommended to use alcohol in the cleaning of plastic and acrylic jewelry (somebody's jewelry). If your jewelry is exposed to alcohol, it will change color and crack, as well as develop holes.

How Do You Sterilize Moissanite Earrings With Alcohol?

If you have pierced ears, it is essential to wash your moissanite earrings in order to minimize the possibility of getting a bacterial infection.

  • In a small bowl, mix rubbing alcohol.
  • The earrings should be placed in alcohol. It will kill any bacteria that may be present on the jewelry objects. Let the earrings soak within the alcohol solution for at minimum an hour.
  • Use an old tooth or nail brush in the rubbing alcohol, then use it to gently cleanse the earring posts and moissanite.
  • Rinse off the earrings with water to wash out the alcohol. Pat the earrings dry with an absorbent cloth.

Don't use brushes on earrings with gold plating as this could cause scratches and ruin how they look.

Vinegar can also be used to sterilize moissanite earrings. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning solution for jewelry since it removes dirt and grime, in addition to serving as an antibacterial disinfectant. If you're looking to cleanse and sanitize your earrings at the same time so white vinegar is a good option.

  • Put half a cup of white vinegar in the clear plastic cup.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the vinegar, and mix the mixture using the help of a spoon.
  • Drop your earrings in the mix and allow them to soak in for 2 hours.
  • Take the earrings off and wash them in water that is clean for about 20 seconds. Clean them with a soft, dry cloth.

Can You Use Alcohol Wipes To Clean Moissanite Ring?

Alcohol is safe for moissanite rings. However, any type of cloth is always at risk of grabbing and lifting the prong. It is possible to use wipes but make certain to be careful with a way to not snag the prongs.

It is important to understand that alcohol wipes aren't an alternative to a thorough cleaning, but they are a fast method to prevent everyday dirt from affecting sparkle. Wipes work by removing the surface of the moissanite. When the dirt is already on the pavilion, there is no value is gained from the wipes.

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