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Can Moissanites Be Worn Every Day?

You oh-so wish to have a piece of diamond jewelry in your collection, right? However, diamond is rare and expensive, which means not everyone can always afford the precious gemstone. Luckily, there’s another jewel that comes quite close to a diamond in terms of features – the moissanite.

Moissanite has gained a lot of popularity, because it not only exudes exceptional brilliance and fire but it is also quite affordable. The gemstone is highly durable, which means it can be worn every day like diamond jewelry. However, like all gemstones, moissanite isn’t indestructible and does demand special care. Here’s how you can make sure your moissanite jewelry looks sparkly and new for years to come.

How to Wear Moissanite Jewelry?

Did you know moissanite has a rating of 9.25 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness? This means the gem is perfect for everyday wear. But to make sure the gemstone retains its shine and beauty, don’t forget to remove your moissanite jewelry before doing strenuous activities. Avoid working out, DIY projects and doing household chores especially with your rings and bracelets on. Harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine may damage the metal of your jewelry so try to keep them away. Take off the jewelry before taking a shower and applying cosmetic products as the chemicals and oils from them can create a white film on the gemstone and make it appear dull.

How to Store Moissanite Jewelry?

Believe it or not, but how you store your jewelry impacts its life and beauty. To ensure that your moissanite jewelry looks as sparkling as on the day you bought it, here are a few measures you need to take.

Keeping moissanite jewelry with other pieces in the same box can damage the surface of the gemstone. Therefore, store each piece in a separate section or box lined with a soft fabric like silk or velvet to keep it safe. This will also prevent the pieces from getting tangled, thereby protecting them from damage.

How to Clean Moissanite Jewelry?

There are two ways to clean moissanite jewelry. An ultrasonic jewelry cleanser can be used for this gem. It thoroughly cleans your delicate jewelry pieces in a matter of few minutes. You can also clean the jewelry manually using a warm water and mild detergent solution. Soak your jewelry in the solution for 15 minutes, followed by cleaning it with a soft brush to remove dirt and grime. Finally, rinse the jewelry with clean water, wipe it with a soft cloth and allow it to air dry for a few hours before wearing or storing it back.

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