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3 Quick Tips on Deciding Between A Diamond & A Moissanite

What should you consider when choosing diamond or mosonite as the main stone of eternal jewelry? Here are three points:

What is most important

Is symbolism or tradition the core of your decision? Define what the engagement ring means to you.

Diamonds are popular because of their obvious differences from other natural minerals. They are a kind of treasure and are widely known and loved by many people for their classic beauty. Because of the traditional view, it is highly valued. However, with the launch of Mosonite, many people have found its value in origin, use, beauty and other aspects - this formula can even make it easy for you to save for all the important events in your life. Who says you can't create new traditions?

Personal preferences

In 4C's, diamonds have advantages in diversification. In terms of color, it has a range from light to colorless. Definition, from I3 to Flawless. All MW jewellery is D colorless and VVS1 Mosonite. All cutting grades are excellent, and carat weight can also be changed according to your preference

Mosonite can also be made into various color grade ranges, and can be cut to imitate the appearance and feel of diamonds (if you like). It is environmentally friendly (laboratory made), conflict free and has a higher degree of shine (more than 2.4 times) Moreover, its cost is only a small part of the price!


It all depends on what you are willing to sacrifice, not what you can afford. Consider opportunity cost!

Although the price is high, the following reasons can explain the value of diamonds. Because diamonds are mined and labor-intensive, they are a rare discovery (which makes each one more special)! Generally, its crystal quantity is more than enough, but it has certain requirements in terms of size, proportion, etc. They must be met before they can be sold in jewelry.

Mo Sangshi allows more choices and more flexibility. You can measure your gem without guilt, because it is manufactured in the laboratory. You can choose the shape, color grade, cutting and size, and ensure that you get exactly the same as what you ordered, and know where it comes from.

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