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MW Commitment
From ethical sourcing and local crafting, to a lifetime warranty and aftercare you can depend on.
We’re committed to providing you with everything you need to shop with confidence and peace of mind, throughout your journey with us.

Ethical sourcing
Every stone we sell is sourced from reputable, trusted suppliers who share our values for transparency.
We proudly source diamonds certified by the GRA and IGI, globally renowned for their strict grading standards, to ensure your value for money. A certified diamond ensures you receive the best quality diamond for your money, with each individual characteristic and flaw mapped and recorded with the utmost attention to detail. Every IGI diamond is graded twice, by separate graders, to ensure the accuracy of the stone’s cut, clarity, colour and carat grades. A GRA and IGI certified diamond is inscribed with a tiny, unique code, visible under magnification - this corresponds to and verifies its accompanying certificate which outlines the diamond’s quality and characteristics.

MW Silver Plated Gold
MW Silver Plated Gold is made of sterling silver, not alloy, not copper. And in order to ensure more stable and shiny, we adopt PVD technology to plated with a layer of 18K gold.
Physical vapor deposition(PVD) technology we adopt is the use of physical deposition phenomenon to separate the specific color of precious metal target into molecular state by magnetron sputtering technology in vacuum environment, so as to make it melt, atomize and cool. The conductive products are evenly and completely adsorbed on the surface, forming a fine, uniform and smooth new metal protection layer in the physical state.
The technology can make jewelry wear resistant, not afraid of scratches, bright color, not afraid of tarnish, natural comfort, lasting forever.

MW K-Gold
There are many low-priced "K gold" products on the market, but gold is the most precious metal. How can the price of real gold be so low? This makes us have to learn more details. When we order gold products, we first need to confirm the content of gold and its weight. In this way, we can identify a lot of fake K gold. These fake K golds often incorporate low-content gold into alloy rings and use other cheap metals to pretend to be gold. If we buy such a fake ring, we will not only lose money, but also hurt our fingers because of these cheap metals.
MW K-Gold products are real gold. Our gold ring does not weigh less than 4.0g. Generally, K-Gold is about 6.0g.
The parts of gold of 14K gold is 58.3%, and the parts of gold of 18K gold is 75.0%. We use enough gold to make sure that each K-gold product is full in weight and comfortable to wear. Buy the most gold at the lowest price.

Whole course insurance
For products purchased in MW, the delivery order will be insured throughout the whole process, and the express company will bear all the costs. Avoid the risk of customers buying expensive goods.

Lifetime service
You can enjoy life-long free cleaning, repair, renovation, maintenance and other after-sales services, so that your diamond can release the ultimate beauty at any time.
Our meticulous crafting capabilities mean that with both our care and your care, your ring should last a lifetime. Rest assured that in the unlikely case that imperfections arise, we’ll do our utmost to have your jewellery looking and feeling as good as new.

Free delivery
Delivered to your door: discreetly and safely for no extra cost.We provide professional express delivery and full purchase insurance for all products. You don't have to pay any freight and insurance.

30 day returns
We’re confident in the abilities of our designers, gemmologists and goldsmiths, but if it’s not quite right, you’ll have 30 days to return your jewellery. Our returns policy is designed to cushion the risk you take when buying an engagement ring or surprise piece of jewellery - if you’re worried about the risk involved in not quite getting the style right, speak to an expert or view our full and fair returns policy.
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