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Welcome! MWring partner is now open!

Welcome! MWring partner is now open!

Benefits of becoming a MWring partner:
As a MWring partner, your efforts will be rewarded!
Commission - You will receive a 10% commission on all recommended sales.
(For example, if the recommended sales amount is $100, you will get $10)
Discount - You will receive 15% unique coupon codes for you, family, friends and your followers.
(We will track all sales through your code.)
Cooperation plan:

1. Customers can contact MW customer service to apply for exclusive 15% discount code to become MW jewelry partner.
2. You and your friends can use this 15% discount. When your friends buy through your exclusive coupon code, you will receive an additional 10% commission.
3. For orders generated by partners using 15% discount code in marketing, we will calculate the amount next month and return 10% of the total order amount to the partners. We process commission rewards once a month, so you will receive rewards early next month! For example, if you make a sale at any time in January, we will process it at the beginning of February (the cumulative order amount reaches 500 dollars), and the reward will be delivered in February.
4. To ensure the after-sales service of MW Jewelry products, MW Jewelry will be responsible for the after-sales service of all partner promotion orders.

If you are interested in this partner activity or have any questions, please contact us We will give a more detailed explanation.

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