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How to Wear Your Moissanite Jewelry?

If you are like the thousands of other people around the world who are choosing the beautiful alternative of Moissanite jewelry over natural diamonds, you may be wondering how to style and wear your lab grown fine jewelry. In this blog, we will look at the jewelry industry to understand the shift from natural gemstones to lab grown ones, various pieces of Moissante jewelry and how to style them, and finally how to keep the brilliance, sparkle and beauty of your diamond alternative.
Although Moissanite has been around since 1893, these lab grown stones were only introduced into the jewelry market in 1998. Over the course of many years, Moissanite has become increasingly popular for gemstones for various pieces of jewelry, but specifically for a wedding band and engagement rings. These lab grown stones have become so popular due to each and every lab grown diamond being a perfect stone, in addition to the fact Moissanite is the affordable option for those looking for a larger stone type without the price tag a diamond ring would have. Also, many customers are choosing to move away from natural diamonds to Moissanite, as Moissanite does not have the same unethical mining practices and human rights violations that natural diamonds have. Customers can also rest assured that each stone will be perfect as they are man made, which cannot be said for natural diamonds.
Moissanite makes the perfect stone for any piece of jewelry, such as necklaces! Because of the durability these stones have, many people are choosing to purchase a Moissanite center stone for their necklaces. Just like natural diamonds, Moissanite necklaces and their pendants come in various shapes, sizes and colours. The benefits that Moissanite has over diamonds is that Moissanite is always cheaper, so people can get their dream necklace for a fraction of the cost that would come if purchasing diamonds.
The beauty of Moissanite necklaces is that they come in a variety of styles and designs. They tend to go with every outfit, and are versatile enough that you can wear them from day to night and they still look amazing! We recommend pairing your Moissanite necklace with other necklaces (they don't necessarily have to include gemstones in them) to create a layered effect. The layered look looks great, especially when layered with an odd number of necklaces (3, 5, etc). As Moissanite is so versatile and goes with everything, we suggest playing around with your layered look and include necklaces which have different shapes, textures, and most importantly length. We recommend pairing a shorter necklace where the gemstone or pendant sits in the hollow of your neck with another one that falls just below that one and a longer one to finish the look off. Moissanite gemstones are the perfect addition to your stacked necklace look, as they can look formal just as easily as they can look casual!
Moissanite gemstones are incredibly popular for both engagement rings and wedding bands because of the durability Moissanite engagement rings have. Next to a natural diamond, a Moissanite gemstone is the hardest gemstone on earth. Because of this, these stones make it the perfect option for those looking to include beautiful gemstones in their engagement ring. This means that you can rest assured that you are going to purchase a top quality gem that will last a lifetime, and not chip, scratch, or shatter. These are all important qualities to have in your stones especially center stones, as engagement rings and their gemstones must be durable as they will go through a lot in one day.
We suggest pairing your Moissanite rings and Moissanite engagement rings with other rings of the same colour and style. Many people will choose either yellow gold, platinum, or silver for their rings, therefore we suggest sticking with the same colour so that all rings will have a unified look. For those individuals who are looking for a modern twist to their Moissanite rings or Moissanite engagement rings, we suggest going for a stacked look. This trend has become increasingly popular as it allows the individuals to completely customize their own look. Some people choose to stick with the same "theme" (such as all yellow gold bands and the same colour of Moissanite gemstones), while other people like to showcase their individuality and opt for various shapes, styles and colours creating their own dream ring stack. The choices are truly endless when it comes marking those special moments with creativity and individuality, giving individuals their most unique ring stack!
Another extremely popular piece of Moissanite jewelry are earrings! Moissanite earrings are the perfect addition to every outfit as they can be dressed up or down, and are the perfect addition to your other pieces of jewelry. Beyond the beautiful everyday wear Moissanite earrings offer, many people are choosing to include these earrings as part of theirbridal set for their big day, as they are subtle yet incredible, and are the perfect compliment to their Moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands.
The great thing about earrings is that depending on where you are going and the "look" you are trying to achieve, you can completely mix and match earrings. Many people choose to purchase Moissanite studs and Moissanite drop earrings, as both can be used for a wide variety of occasions. If wearing Moissanite studs and you have other ear piercings, we suggest pairing the studs with other small earrings which use the same type of metals. This way, the other earrings will not overpower the Moissanite center stone in the earring. If choosing Moissanite drop earrings, we suggest pairing them with smaller studs so as to not take away from the beauty the drop style has. Moissanite earrings are so versatile that we encourage you to experiment with various looks!
Caring for your Moissanite jewelry at home is so easy! Simply fill a small bowl or basin with warm water and mild soap. Place your pieces of jewelry in the bowl for a short period of time, then use a soft bristled toothbrush to brush your jewelry, not forgetting the hard to reach places. Once completed, rinse your jewelry off in clean warm water and then dry on a soft, lint free cloth. Voilà! Your Moissanite jewelry will look as good as new.
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