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The 3Cs of Moissanite


Cut measures how well-proportioned a diamond’s dimensions are including the balance and brilliance of its facets. Diamond cut is considered the most important of the four Cs. As a hand-faceted jewel, Moissanite is cut specifically to maximize its brilliance and create the most fire. Only master gem cutters are used to create moissanite.


Diamond color refers to how colorless a diamond is. Color is the second most important of the 4Cs of diamonds. The less color, the higher the grade. All MW products are D-grade colorless high-quality moissanite.


Clarity assesses small imperfections within a diamond. Inclusions can occur naturally during the diamond forming process. Clarity is used to quantify and specify any inclusions. During the growing process of moissanite, small inclusions can occur. Only moissanite stones that pass stringent quality standards even make it to market. 

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