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Moissanite VS. Natural Diamond

Since moissanite is a laboratory diamond, the most appealing of which may very well be a toss-up between its incredible beauty and its affordability, especially when compared to diamonds. Costing less than diamonds, moissanite is considered one of the world’s most brilliant gems. It possesses breathtaking fire that sets any piece of fine moissanite jewelry apart, with an alluring brilliance that is beyond compare.

Each moissanite jewel is produced to specific, exacting specifications and is artfully hand-faceted to maximize its brilliance and enhance its amazing fire-like brilliance.

Moissanite: Durability

When compared to diamonds, moissanite scores a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Only a diamond has a 10 on this same scale, making moissanite more durable than most any other jewel or gemstone. No wonder it has become a popular stone for a variety of jewelry applications.

Moissanite: Brilliance

Thanks to an unusual faceting pattern, moissanite has incomparable brilliance. A brightness that reflects light in such a way as to give moissanite jewels a heightened brilliance. This quality makes them the perfect option for engagement rings or wedding rings with gemstone side stones and intricate patterns.

Moissanite: Color

Depending upon the size of the moissanite jewel, it can appear to have a yellowish hue in certain light. Like diamonds with slight inclusions, moissanites appear to be near colorless in most situations. Moissanite jewels are so close to diamonds that even the most skilled jewelers cannot tell them apart with the naked eye. A tester has been developed to help jewelers distinguish between moissanite and diamonds.

Moissanite: Cost

Compared to diamonds, the cost of moissanites is considerable less. It is an affordable non diamond engagement ring alternative to enables those couples on tight budgets an opportunity of wear a jewel with many of the qualities of a diamond at a much lower price. All things being equal, as a general rule, a moissanites retails price is about 1/10th the cost of a diamond.

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