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Moissanite Can Pass Diamond Tester Or Not

Diamond usually takes the center stage of elegant jewelry pieces. But do you know that there are alternative stones that can make an engagement ring equally as elegant and beautiful? Moissanite is a great alternative to diamonds not to mention that it is more affordable too. What's more, it can be detected by a diamond pen just like a diamond.

How does a diamond tester work?

A diamond tester is this small, portable device that is used to determine the authenticity of real diamonds based on the electrical and thermal conductivity of the test material. The tester is designed in a way that allows it to accurately indicate if the stone in question is really a diamond or some other gem. The tester determines this based on the physical properties of the gemstone.

Often, the tester runs on different principles that allow its users to measure the electrical or thermal conductivity of that stone. To test both properties at the same time, there are multi-testers that can be used to test both the thermal and the electrical conductivity of the test gemstone.

In the case of the diamond testers that test the thermal conductivity of the gemstone, the testers can test the amount, as well as the speed at which heat travels through the gemstone. If, on the other hand, the electrical conductivity is tested, the tester measures the speed and the amount of electrical current that passes through the gemstone in question.

The test type notwithstanding, the principle of operation for the diamond tester is based on principle – the fact that all gemstones have different chemical structures, which translates to varying levels/ degrees of electrical and thermal conductivity. So, the way electricity or heat passes through a diamond is not the same as it passes through the CZ or the moissanite.

When testing diamonds, for example, you’d have to place the tip of the tester on the surface of the diamond to check the conductivity rate.

Does moissanite pass diamond tester? Why?

Although the diamond tester is the most common/ standard gemological equipment used to test diamonds, it is not the most effective testing option for moissanite because it will only detect the gemstone’s thermal conductivity and not the electrical conductivity. This means that the tester wouldn’t be able to differentiate diamonds from moissanite. In other words, the diamond tester cannot tell moissanite from diamonds, and the moissanite passes the diamond’s thermal test.

Wondering why? Well, in as much as the heat conductivity of the moissanite is different from diamond’s, the difference is very small, and the diamond tester cannot perceive this small difference. Other diamond testers are incorrectly calibrated, and there are many cases where there will be a difference.

Between diamonds and moissanite, the moissanite is very (slightly) highly conductive to electricity, but this difference can only be detected with specialized equipment.

There is no obvious difference between moissanite and diamond in terms of shape and hardness, and moissanite has a price advantage. It is recommended that you choose more moissanite products.

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